2019 edition Amsterdam

On December 4, 2019, the global Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference took place at RAI Amsterdam, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This 7th edition of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft conference organized by Jakajima took place during Amsterdam Drone Week.

The Conference aimed to share the status of the latest developments and trends in the unmanned cargo aircraft. Particularly the impact of large drones was a major topic of the conference. Nowadays everybody talks about the small delivery drones, but large cargo drones will have a large impact on the logistics industry. Traditional business models will change, and new players will appear on the podium.

In the morning, Johann Dauer, Project Leader, German Aerospace Center (DLR), spoke about “Automated Low-Altitude Air Delivery. DLR conducted at research on cargo drones with one metric ton payload capacity in 2016-2019. The results of this research were also discussed.

The morning program also included topics such as Scaling Drone Delivery In Southeast Asia (Michael Currie, CEO, Fling, Thailand), Parafoil UAVs (Patrick Watson, Director Of Business Development, Animal Dynamics, UK) and Unmanned Regional Cargo Carrier Drones (Ed De Reyes, CEO / Co-Founder, Sabrewing Aircraft, USA).

After lunch, Per Ahl, CEO, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions, Sweden, touched on the topic of Digital Towers, explaining the impact of air traffic control digitalization. Tim McCarthy, Senior Lecturer, Maynooth University, Ireland, discussed “Aspects of UTM systems & U-Space services to consider when rolling-out Cargo Drone operations”.

During the afternoon program John Ashford, CEO, The Hawthorn Group, Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO, UAVOS Inc, Edward “Ted” Lester, Chief UTM Architect, AiRXOS a GE Company, USA also spoke.

The complete program included 13 speakers from international well-known companies, associations and start-ups.

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