Watch: A micro 3-D printer builds a spaceship thinner than hair

The Photonic Professional GT uses individual photons to construct incredibly detailed microstructures in minutes. (VIDEO)

Microns are amazingly small units of measurement–just one millionth of a meter apiece. They’re so small that they make beach sand (100-2000 μm) or human hairs (40-300 μm) look fat. Microns require an entire shift of perspective. They bring you to the cellular scale–the world of blood cells (8 μm) and chromosomes (7 μm), even a single E. coli bacterium (1.8 μm).

And now, a company named Nanoscribe is printing complex 3-D models with sub-micron fidelity, in seconds. It’s all thanks to their new machine, the Photonic Professional GT, which wields two photons at a time (the building blocks of light) to fabricate incredible structures too small for the eye to see.

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Source: Fast Company

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