Drones and 3D Technology: The Future is Now

You might think that drones and 3D printers are out of reach for transportation and logistics projects and programs, but it is time to reconsider. Self-navigating flying drones are available for around $1,000 and 3D printers for roughly $2,500. Technology is rapidly evolving and, if transportation and logistics professionals are not mindful of such trends, they will find themselves left behind.

Despite widespread concern by Americans, the government has already issued limited licenses for drone research as well as for commercial use. Although privacy may be an issue, most people are not opposed to having a drone deliver pizza on demand, and both Amazon.com and Domino’s Pizza have taken initial steps to make it a reality.

Despite these concerns, the FAA has already granted two exemptions, one for Conoco Phillips and British Petroleum, to monitor drilling activities in Alaska and monitor pipelines, respectively. The movie industry is already using drones for movie shoots overseas as well as in the US and the FAA appears close to approving a general exemption for the movie industry in the US. Recently, Amazon has requested permission to continue testing delivery by drone concept under controlled conditions. … (Read more)

Source: DcVelocity.com