Aarhus University, Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen will speak about drones for precision agriculture

His presentation will be about the question whether drones are the new Holy Grail for precision agriculture or just a mutation of the 90th yield mapping failures?

Today it seems like the second you say “drone” to a farmer (at least the male part) his brain short circuit and he is just too eager to get a drone. Just like in the case of the little drone press release by Aarhus University. Resulted in a visit to Denmark from Discovery Channel Canada (click here for more information). Yes drones will be of values for the future farmer but it will not be an universal tool solving all the farmers problem….

Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen is doing research within automation and signal processing in the context in precision agriculture. Currently he and his colleagues are employing drones both for sensing and actuation within the latter domain. They have expertise with regards to the potential payloads within animal nursing and plant nursing for future drones.

For more information about the seminar program, visit this page.


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