Farm drone spots game on the fields

Spot animals with great precision
Thousands of deer, hares and pheasants die annually in agricultural fields when large farm machinery are harvesting. It is especially so during summer, when wildlife migrate from their birthplaces. But the problem can be greatly reduced by using drones with thermal cameras. The first results from a project at Aarhus University have been shown to uncover the possibilities of monitoring deer in Nørreådalen at Viborg.

Along with two companies, scientists have made the first flights of agricultural land with a drone that is fitted with a heat-sensitive camera. At one of overflights, the drone managed to find two animals in just a few acres.

Prospects using drones to monitor the game is great, explained the project’s anchor person, senior researcher Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen: “In the future, we can provide the farmer with a solution where he will almost certainly be told by drone on where a field is populated. The problem today is that the game usually will press against the ground when an agricultural machine is approaching. Therefore it is extremely difficult to detect animals and prevent a collision. Even for a hunter with trained dogs it is a nearly impossible task.”


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