Local farmers use drone technology in farming practices

It’s about one foot in diameter, made from white plastic, propelled by four small blades and looks more like a children’s toy than a marvel of 21st century machinery.

Manufacturers have named it the “Phantom,” but local farmers Matt Boucher of Dwight and Dan Wilkinson of Mazon are calling it the next big thing in farming technology. “Some people call it a toy. I call it a $3,500 tool,” Wilkinson said Thursday morning.

The Phantom is just one model of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – more commonly known as a drone – that will be hovering above a handful of Grundy County farm fields this summer.

The drones will be scouting crops, locating tile lines and providing thermal images of livestock – and saving farmers a lot of time and money in the process. … (Read more)

Source: MorrisDailyHerald.com