The League Against Cruel Sports takes to the sky to catch wildlife criminals

Deploying surveillance drones (UAV’s) to aid its efforts in protecting Great British wildlife from cruel criminals.

Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive at the League Against Cruel Sports, explains: “There is a war in the countryside and whilst there are still individuals determined to flout the law and seek new ways to avoid detection, the League will continue to explore safe, tested and innovative technology to further our charitable aim of ending cruelty to animals in the name of sport.”

Drone deployment is deemed a necessary tactic by the charity to help catch and bring hunts, gangs and individuals illegally hunting and committing other wildlife crimes such as hare coursing and badger baiting, to justice.

The option of drone deployment will further enhance the charity’s already successful tactics by providing support to the teams operating on the ground gathering intelligence and evidence of illegal activity.

The League uses comprehensive intelligence to ensure all operations are proportionate, necessary and justified. Investigations are only carried out where the charity knows there is a strong possibility of cruel criminality taking place.

Partnering with non profit aerial surveillance and monitoring organisation, ShadowView, the League is the first animal welfare charity in Great Britain to explore the innovative technology.

Drones have already been used by the USPCA in Northern Ireland to deter badger baiters, and by the WWF in operations against poachers in Africa.

Joe Duckworth concludes: “We are excited to be the first animal welfare charity in Great Britain to be exploring drone technology. We are confident that it will make a fantastic contribution to bringing wildlife criminals to justice.”

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