Wageningen University will speak in the session "Will agriculture be the leading market for UAS!?"

Lammert Kooistra will give a presentation titled: “Agro-environmental Monitoring using UAS: current status in the Netherlands”. Lammert Kooistra is assistant professor in the laboratory for Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing of Wageningen University. His interest is in the development of integrated sensing systems, combining satellite, UAS and in situ sensors for monitoring applications in agricultural and natural resource management.

Starting point for system development is the user perspective with operational requirements regarding timing, spatial detail and product quality. The flexibility of UAS are an excellent platform for innovative sensing systems. In his research, he is focussing on hyperspectral sensing systems from camera design to data processing into quantitative image products. assistant professor at Wageningen University Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing.

Research within the Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing (GRS) has been fed from a steadily growth of the geo-information market. Although this market initially was driven by separately evolving strategies in separate segments, nowadays geo-information science has become a multidisciplinary and collaborative scientific environment.

For a complete overview of the seminar, click here.

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