Leading Theories About Supersonic X-37B Spy Plane Mission

In 2010, the US Air Force launched a top secret space plane the X-37B (1) from a base in Florida. In 2012, the Air Force launched a second flight of the mysterious spacecraft. Following a two-year spate in space, the small and mysterious X-37B spacecraft landed recently.

Other than its size – 29 feet long and a wingspan of 15 feet – and appearance – looks uncannily like a NASA space shuttle – and the fact it is owned by the Air Force, there is little known about the X-37B. And, when little is known about a mysterious object spending a prolonged period in space, speculation and theories begin to fly.

As the military continues to keep the X-37B’s mission classified, take a look at some of the leading theories about the Supersonic X-37B’s operation in space. One leading theory concerning the work of X-37B is that it has been taking advanced sensors into space for testing. These sensors could operate from the X-35B as a large and secure platform with an independent power source. … (Read more)

Source: TopSecretWriters.com

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