Parrot launches AR.Race 2 en AR.Rescue 2

AR.Race 2 & AR.Rescue 2: Compare yourself to Parrot AR.Drone pilots around the world.

Discover two augmented reality games dedicated to the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadricopter and connected to the AR.Drone Academy allowing you to compare your scores to other pilots from the community.

Need an adrenalin shot? Crave new challenges? Create giant race courses with AR.Race 2 or be part of a futuristic quest with AR.Rescue 2. May the best pilot win!

AR.Race 2: an aerial race without limit …
– Select a gaming zone; eg your house, your garden, a forest… Every part of the environment (walls, furniture, trees…) can become part of the game as potential obstacles.
– Create a course and indicate the starting/finishing line by placing a tag on the ground that will be recognized by the embedded vertical camera of the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, allowing players to record race times.

On your marks! Get set! Go! Your flying machine is moving fast, veering between obstacles; right-turn, left-turn. Time is running out! Step on the gas, make a loop just after the straight line and make a U-turn just before crossing the finish line…

New players want to be part of the game? Add as many as you want and create infinite races .

Compare your scores with the rest of the pilot community  by connecting to the AR.Drone Academy.

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