UAS Event programm overview

from integration into the European ATM to UAS in agriculture, wildlife and pipeline monitoring.

The following speakers will present:

  • Anders la Cour-Harbo, Associate Professor, Aalborg University
  • Robin Garrity, Air Traffic Management Expert, SESAR JU
  • Thomas Andersen, Partner and director, House of Relations
  • Hans Heerkens, Assistent Professor, Twente University
  • Olle Hagner, SmartPlanes
  • Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen, Senior Scientist, PhD, Automation Technologies in BioSystems Engineering, Aarhus University, Department of Engineering
  • Jesper Rasmussen, Associate Professor, PhD, University Copenhagen
  • Agustin Arjonilla , Managing Director, Renaissance Consulting
  • Laurens de Groot, co-founder, ShadowView
  • Craig Lippett, Head of RPAS Training, Resource UAS, a division of Resource Group Ltd
  • Birger Johansen, Director Business Development & Sales, Northern Europe, Systematic A/S

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HIGH ALTITUDE FLIGHT TEST tested the vertical limit of the Techpod in open ocean and 30-40 km per hour wind conditions.They were aiming to reach 1 km above sea level. But the motor gave up at 700 m, from where the APM guided the Techpod down extremely well. During an attempted manual landing (on Stabilize mode), it crashed into a mangrove tree with damage only to the motor mount. Motor was completely burned out though.

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Overview of the UAS Event seminar and exhibition program, 11 April

During the 2nd edition of this event, speakers from all over the world will give an excellent overview of the developments in the civil/commercial UAS market.

Seminar program

During the breaks you will be able to attend the exhibition floor and test your quality as indoor UAV pilot at obstacle course for mini-UAS, set up by the NLR UAS lab, part of National Aerospace Laboratory NLR of the Netherlands.

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