UCA around the corner? – Presented by Hans Heerkens, Platform UCA

Hans Heerkens

UCA around the corner? – Presented by Hans Heerkens, Assistant Professor, University of Twente / Chairman, Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, at  Online Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, which will take place on December 8, 2020.

For years, UCA have been in silent development. Now, the first operational UCA services are about to start. But while small companies often initiate innovations, large organizations are needed to spread them. UCA infrastructure is a public good, and the recognition of this will help to determine the competitive power of operators and of countries and regions. Continue reading “UCA around the corner? – Presented by Hans Heerkens, Platform UCA”

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference welcomes Geoconnexion as Media Partner


Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference welcomes Geoconnexion as Media Partner.

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Benefits Of Traditional Aircraft Converted Into UAV

Aliaksei Stratsilatau

by Aliaksei Stratsilatau, Chairman of the board and Lead developer, UAVOS

High exploitation costs are the main inhibitor for the use of UAV in commercial and industrial applications.

Why is the capability of converting manned aircraft into UAVs important to the unmanned systems industry?

First, it drastically reduces the cost of flying hours, thereby opening up a commercial market for heavy UAVs.

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Scaling Drone Delivery In Southeast Asia

Michael Currie

by Michael Currie, Fling

Drone delivery is scaling rapidly in the large cities of Southeast Asia. In this presentation Michael Currie discusses Fling’s cargo delivery missions for medical and e-commerce within Thailand, as well as the platform for tracking and placing orders that Fling has specifically developed for aerial deliveries, that is available for use by other drone delivery service providers. For drone delivery providers just starting out, Fling’s built-out drone infrastructure makes it fast for a startup to go from buying a delivery drone to flying real missions with real, paying, customers.

program: https://unmannedcargoaircraftconference.com/program/

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Flytrex – Scalable Drone Delivery Operations

Wes Shover

by Wes Shover, Head of US Operations, Flytrex Aviation

Flytrex provides comprehensive autonomous drone delivery systems that enable any business, from SMBs to e-commerce giants, to integrate on-demand autonomous drone delivery into their offering. From facilitating the regulatory process to providing the drones, a cloud-based drone management system, insurance and maintenance, Flytrex is the leading end-to-end drone logistics service spearheading the drone revolution. In this presentation we will share what we have learned through the operational experience in Iceland, Latin America, and the United States.

program: https://unmannedcargoaircraftconference.com/program/

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Aspects of UTM systems & U-Space services to consider when rolling-out Cargo Drone operations

Tim McCarthy

by Dr. Tim McCarthy, Senior Lecturer, Maynooth University

Unmanned Cargo flight operations present various challenges in terms of their design, construction and management – all of which will need to be investigated, developed and adapted for long-haul, short-haul, regional and urban operational environments.

Various topics need to be considered including; automation, aircraft platform performance, airspace structure, routing, de-confliction, optimisation, emergency event handling and ground infrastructure. These topics are underpinned by regulatory (legislation, protocols, certification), technology (aerospace, sensors, connectivity, computation) and operational (UTM/U-Space services, business models, Societal) aspects.

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Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference welcomes North Carolina’s South East as Exhibitor

North Carolina's South East

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference welcomes North Carolina’s South East as Exhibitor. The event takes place on September 10-11 at Greenville Convention Center, Greenville, North Carolina, USA.

About North Carolina’s Southeast

North Carolina’s Southeast is a regional economic development partnership representing 18 counties that generates new economic growth in the region. Located midway on the U.S. east coast, North Carolina’s Southeast region is home to an international port, six universities, and more than 75 international firms across diverse business sectors.

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Emerging technologies with great potential – opinions of speakers at UCA Conference

What emerging technologies do you see as having potential in the short and long run? We asked, speakers at Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference answered. Below you can see a selection of answers.

Ed De Reyes, Sabrewing Aircraft: The emergence of detect and avoid technologies, and the willingness of regulatory agencies to work cooperatively with manufacturers to make heavy-lift VTOL cargo carriers a reality. Read more

Basil Yap, North Carolina Department of Transportation – Division of Aviation: Our greatest need in the short term is a fully functional detect and avoid solution on unmanned aircraft to help address “see and avoid” which is a requirement to operation beyond visual line of sight in the United States. This has been a real struggle for the Federal Aviation Administration to understand how they will certify or vet this technology. “Remote ID” will be one step closer to building a robust Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM). In addition, we have often overlooked weather and the the impact it has on smaller UAS operations. The ability to model micro climates and incorporate the data into UTM systems will give pilots better decision making tools and ultimately enable more routine operations. Read more

Peter le Hew, Modern Technology Solutions, Inc: Autonomy through not just UAS is allowing for new approaches to how we use the air domain. Read more

Jeremy Tucker, AirBox Technology: Robotics, UAV’s and AI are on the cutting edge and will become ubiquitous. We are on the cusp of a cataclysmic change in the way we interface with the world around us in a physical sense. Read more

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS: Investments in the development of a UAS for military purposes will grow. For example, counter-drone systems for remote identification and destruction of UAV, means of fighting UAV, loitering munition. The market needs unmanned platforms for autonomous delivery of goods of different weights, High Altitude Pseudo Satellite to relay data. Read more

Mahesh Nandyala, S3M Solutions LLC: UAS integrates with Deep learning and AI. Read more

Patrick Watson, Animal Dynamics: Technologies that ultimately de-centralise services and products such as: micro-grids, aerial transportation networks, e-payments, etc. Read more

David Merrill, Elroy Air: Short run: electric and hybrid-electric powertrain, perception tech getting better rapidly
Long run: Harmonized airspace integration for UAS of all sizes. Read more

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference takes place on September 10-11, 2019, at Greenville Convention Center, Greenville, North Carolina, USA. For more information about the complete program, speaker profiles and registration, visit: https://unmannedcargoaircraftconference.com/program/