AeroTrainer drone helps train athletes and watch for sports injuries

There is a wide range of drones in use around the world today. In the civilian world, there are also a number of small drone aircraft that people can use for various tasks. A new drone called AeroTrainier has been announced that is aimed at helping people get better at a sport.

The AeroTrainer is a flying drone that is a small quadcopter designed to help athletes and teams evaluate performance while helping to prevent sports injuries. The unmanned aerial video biotelemetry system inside the AeroTrainer is able to monitor statistics on the athlete including heart rate, body temperature, and the frequency and intensity of impacts.

The goal is to give a coach a real time image of a players physical condition during a practice or game. When in use the drone is able to fly above and around the athletes using biomechanical sensors and software to record and transmit video and any combination of physiological signals to the coach. … (Read more)