Albatros UAS flies under full aviation ruling over the city of Eindhoven in the Netherlands with an UAS

On the 30th of april, a national holiday in the Netherlands (Queensday), Albatros UAS flew for no less than 5,5 hours over the center of Eindhoven. With government and air traffic approval!

This time no longer under modelaircraft ruling, but under full aviation ruling! A first in Holland and Europe!

Albatros made two flights with aircraft 2023, equipped with a daylight camera as well a digital and analog downlink. The Aircraft was part of a large crowd control project which the City of Eindhoven has organized with lots of new technologies involved. UAS is clearly part of it!

The aircraft flew under perfect weather conditions (permitted by air control). The image was nearly perfect, but in a certain corner of the city there was a lot of interference. The public never noticed the aircraft and there was huge party going on with some 220.000 people attending. Real crowdcontrol!

During the flight several experiments were done. Like investigating shadows of buildings and how much they concealed of the public. As well checking large amounts of public and looking if there was a certain movement in the crowd in any direction. The system worked flawless and the last landing was perfect in a meadow at the edges of the city.

For more information about this flight, you can contact Albatros UAS.

Picture, copyright Paul Raats Photography.

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