ATLAS, an Unmanned Containerized Cargo Freighter

As end of the bachelor phase at Delft University of Technology, a group of aerospace students designed an unmanned containerised cargo freighter that can reduce the cost of shipping by air
and the time required for inter-modal transfers and transport on the ground, called Atlas.

The ATLAS is a blended wing body design, consisting of a composite structure and skin. The lift generating body of the design helps to make it more fuel-efficient compared to a conventional design. For each subsystem, a sustainability strategy is proposed.

The main purpose of ATLAS is to transport cargo. For that an inside-out approach is taken. This means that the design of ATLAS is based on the size of containers that have to fi t in the cargo bay. New containers are designed to fit in the ATLAS, which are compatible with trucks and current airport operations. However, to be compatible with the current market, ULD’s can also be used. Read more..