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Unmanned Aircraft Systems are becoming increasingly important for non-military applications such as aerial photography, GEO-information, agricultural remote sensing and application, pipeline and power line surveillance, fisheries and wildlife monitoring, fire-fighting, weather and climate studies, security, law enforcement, rescue, recovery missions and event broadcasting.

The International Civil Unmanned Aircraft System Event 2012 will take place 12 April 2012, High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The Conference aims to :

  • Increase awareness about the significant potential of Unmanned Aircraft Systems applications for the benefit of end-users;
  • Increase awareness about possibilities of new lightweight, light energy, stand-off sensors;
  • Raise political awareness of the potential and to overcome current obstacles in Europe to the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems;
  • Creation of an UAS business ecosystem.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Update of international regulations for UAS and diversified national regulations, certifications and licensing for UAS (inter)nationally;
  • Insight in development regarding L-UAS (fixed wing, rotary wing, flapping wing, aerostats), control, security, recovery, endurance and sense-and avoid;
  • Insight in development of sensor technology, deployments and integration of software / services;
  • Legal aspects, Insurance and liability;
  • UAS deployment, the real world (several cases presented by end-users and manufacturers).

Contributions: Call for paper and panel discussion. We invite contributions from the industry, governmental bodies, end-users or associations with experience of, or interests in the different topics of interest.

You can submit your proposal via this form.

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