Count on Drones to Make the Future's Most Trippy Music Videos (VIDEO)

Where many fear Orwellian dystopia with drone technology, Pier Pictures’ Robert McHugh and T.S. Pfeffer see great potential for experimental filmmaking. After watching the duo’s Flabush Zombies x Trash Talk “97.92” video, it was clear that drones could rewire music videos into a trippy visual experience.

In the video, the two groups move amidst an apocalypse-inspired landscape of miniature globes and psychedelic, geometric structures, created by 360-degree drone camera technology and software.

McHugh and Pfeffer originally got into drone filmmaking with Major Lazer’s “Sweat” music video, directed by friend and filmmaker Ryan Staake. Needing an aerial establishing shot of Los Angeles, the two quickly realized they would need a drone and GoPro camera technology. “We’d been looking for the right company to get the shot,” said Pfeffer. “And once we saw the capability of the drone with that shot of Los Angeles, we knew we had a long run ahead of us exploring this [technology].”

After working on the Major Lazer shoot, McHugh and Pfeffer again joined Staake to shoot the Booka Shade “Crossing Borders” video. It marked the duo’s first time working with Michael Kinter’s 360Heros, a 360-degree camera rig that features seven GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition cameras. It was also their second collaboration with Octofilms, a collective of drone pilots and filmmakers specializing in UAV cinematography. In a “Crossing Borders” behind-the-scenes video, McHugh and Pfeffer give viewers a peak at Octofilms’ DJI S800 EVO helicopter drone in action, piloted by Shane Latham. … (Read more)