Drones used for aerial real estate videos (VIDEO)

Once reserved for luxury-home listings, aerial photos and videos are popping up in ads for moderately priced places, thanks to the use of relatively inexpensive drones.

It’s especially popular in the Bay Area, where water, hills, beaches and vineyards can lend drama to even mundane homes.

John Hayes, president of Open Homes Photography, says his firm was hired to photograph a modest home in Foster City. “The regular photos on the ground are not very impressive, but you get in the air and it looks like you are in the Florida Keys or something.”

Although the word drone conjures up images of military spy craft, real estate photographers typically use small remote-control quadcopters (a helicopter with four rotors) with a camera – usually a GoPro – that takes stills and video. The setup that videographer Doug Canning of 3rd Gorilla Productions uses costs about $1,300. … (Read more)

Source: SFgate.com