Lifesaving Drone Concept Art Turns Killing Machines into Caretakers

A concept art collection produced by Frog Design reevaluates the function of drone technology.

Firestorm - MainUnmanned drones don’t have the reputation for being particularly concerned with human life. Well, to be fair, they don’t really care about anything. They’re drones. But even though drones are typically used for controversial purposes, like secretive surveillance and aerial attacks, they’re perfectly capable of becoming the kind peace-loving, aeronautical helper-bots that we’ve always hoped for.

Frog Design is a multi-national product strategy and design firm that works with companies like Microsoft, Apple, Disney, and Sony. Cormac Eubanks, Frog’s product development director, produced a collection of concept drones that could ” improve people’s lives – and possibly even save them.”

“This is our vision of a future where drones are not spies, weaponry or scary agents of evil,” says Eubanks in a blog entry Frog Design’s website. “They can be trusted aids that assist humans tasked with doing some of the most dangerous work we know. In this world, these devices — with their sensors and bleeding edge technology — become extensions of our society’s infrastructure and essential to our well-being.” … (Read more)


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