London's flying cameras spy shoelaces nearly a mile away; Will drones in the USA?

In the cybersecurity quest to make London 2012 Olympics “safe from cyberattacks,” the Olympics’ Technology Operation Center has been working on simulated cyberattacks since last October.

Despite the increased security on the ground, urbex ‘place hacker’ Dr. Bradley Garrett still exploited physical security holes and breached a supposedly inaccessible area; he climbed the London Shard. The tightening of security brings us to the shocking capabilities of London’s flying spies, cameras that monitor for threats.

NBC has a video about the newest security to monitor for threats during Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games this summer. The Air Support Unit of London’s Metropolitan Police are flying helicopters armed with cameras which see more than rooftops and other ‘inaccessible’ places, much more; the cameras are able to see very clearly “as much detail as they need to.” In fact, besides eye in the sky’s ability to get a “good clothing description” from a kilometer away, it can capture very clear video of shoelaces from nearly a mile way!

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