Microflown Avisa Mounts Acoustic Vector Sensors On Board Unmanned Aircraft

Discovery Channel attended a first test by Microflown AVISA, and the MicroAerialVehicle Lab from TU Delft, conducted at Vredepeel airbase. A Skywalker unmanned aircraft was equipped with both a fish eye camera and an Acoustic Vector Sensor. The AVS detected blasts on the ground, providing the acoustic directional information to retrieve the corresponding video data, confirming the location where the event took place.

Acoustic Vector Sensors on-board the unmanned aircraft, together with local data processing, can detect and localise gunshots and artillery breaks on the ground. The Microflown system can be used to cue the camera and other narrower field of view sensors to potential targets on the ground.  This data can then be integrated with the video display, providing a visual reference to the operator. The system also has the capability to detect when gunshots are aggressive, i.e. aimed at the aircraft itself.

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