NIDV, Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association, is partner of the UAS Event

The organization will present it’s services at the exhibition floor
NIDV in the market
The Netherlands Defence Manufacturers Association promotes optimal involvement of the Netherlands industry with respect to procurements and assignments of the Ministry of Defence. However the NIDV does not limit its search for good business opportunities to the Netherlands, the Association is also active in markets emerging from co-operation between governments and in markets resulting from participation and offset contracts. The Netherlands defence market has a turnover of two billion euro a year.

NIDV, for whom?
The NIDV is open to any company located in the Netherlands that develops, produces or maintains products for, or delivers services to the Ministry of Defence. Additionally, Netherlands institutes, including the Netherlands Organisation for applied Scientific Research (TNO) and the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), engaged in research and development related to Defence are part of the target group. The NIDV is a non-profit organisation financed by yearly contributions from its members.

NIDV activities
The NIDV as ambassador
The NIDV represents its members. The opinions, interests and capabilities of the members are presented as efficiently and effectively as possible to the Netherlands government, politicians and the media. The association is in daily contact with the armed forces and consults members of Parliament on a regular basis. When matters of mutual interest in the defence industry need to be addressed, the NIDV collectively takes action on behalf of its members and other national trade organisations. The NIDV acts as mediator between governments, politicians, institutes and industry.

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