Pilotless planes: A research organization has made the first unmanned test flight through UK airspace.

British aerospace giant BAE Systems is causing a stir after conducting the first successful unmanned flight across U.K. shared airspace.
The test flight, which took place last month, was from Warton in Lancashire to Inverness, Scotland, and the pilot was controlling the flight from an office on the ground in Warton. Two pilots were on board for emergencies, but, a BAE Systems representative said, “they were sitting there having a coffee. They did not have to do anything.”

There were no passengers on the test flight of 16-seat plane, but the event created a lot of buzz around what it means for the future of passenger drones. If BAE Systems’ new plane becomes a commercial reality, your pilot may be running the controls from the ground. It could also be used for search and rescue, fighting fires or delivering organ transplants.

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Source: msn.com

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