Search for lost bushwalker in the Australian dessert

The UAV challenge organized by CSIRO and Queensland University of Technology
Professor Duncan Campbell, Director of the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) at QUT said the UAV Challenge was instrumental in driving forward research and the general public’s understanding of unmanned flight.

Teams from around the World will come together in September 2014 in Kingaroy, Queensland, to search for lost bushwalker, Outback Joe. Their mission is to fly their robotic aircraft over a large search area, find Outback Joe and drop him a package containing 500ml of lifesaving water.

Fitted with onboard cameras, the unmanned aircraft relay vision back to their teams enabling their controllers to guide them into completing the rescue task before returning to Kingaroy airport. The team that gets the water bottle the closest will win $50,000.

CSIRO ICT Centre Research Program Leader, Dr Jonathan Roberts said that despite the UAV  Challenge running since 2007, no team had yet managed to win the Search and Rescue Challenge and claim the grand prize.

“A few teams have come very close to completing the UAV Challenge, and we know of dozens of teams getting ready for 2014, but it is still a real challenge and who knows if 2014 will be the year that it is finally completed,” he said.

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