SESAR publishes the detailed specifications for the call for tender on the Definition Phase related to civil Remotely Piloted Air Systems insertion into the European Aviation System

On 19 December 2013, the SESAR JU announced the publication of the call for tender on the Definition Phase of civil RPAS insertion into the European Aviation System in the context of the Single European Sky initiative.

The objective of this call is to shape a detailed R&D Programme on civil RPAS insertion, which will be integrated into the necessary validation activities planned within the context of the SESAR 2020 Programme.

RPAS have a great potential for civil applications and, if their full potential of this new technology is realised, unmanned aircraft systems are expected to bring important benefits to European citizens and the economy as a whole.

The development of essential RPAS R&D activities on their insertion in the European Aviation System is undertaken in full coordination with the requirements for manned aviation, as described in the European ATM Master Plan, which is already linked to the ICAO Global Plan and the Aviation System Block Upgrades, bearing in mind possible early opportunities or quick wins.

The RPAS Definition Phase is expected to result in the following output:

  • Regulatory and Business Framework
  • Performance Requirements and Assessment
  • Operational Changes in ATM
  • Enabling Systems
  • Validation Needs
  • SESAR RPAS R&D Programme requirements and outline
  • Input to the European ATM Master Plan 2015.

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