Shadowview will speak at UAS Event

Laurens de Groot, co-founder, will speak about the UAS as tool to support conservation organisations

Shadowview’s mission is to provide effective and efficient aerial solutions to enhance our clients environmental and civilian operational objectives.

ShadowView was founded to address the increasingly urgent need to support conservation organisations in their battles to protect our natural environment. After experience with UAV led missions with a variety of non profit conservation organisations, ShadowView was created. We are now working very closely with our partners SPOTS and UAV Solutions in an attempt to provide effective, low cost aerial solutions to non profits that need our help.

Shadowview provides aerial surveillance and monitoring capability through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Our key potential areas of operation are:

  • Conservation (working with non-profits and NGO’s to monitor human disaster/relief situations, poaching and wildlife crime, habitat destruction, biomass management and general conservation efforts)
  • Search and Recovery
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Civilian security
  • Transport
  • Surveying
  • Media filming

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