Sky-Futures offshore operations

Making waves (pun intended) Chris from Sky Futures tells sUAS News all about recent ship borne operations.
Sky-Futures has recently taken an impressive leap forward in the commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Operating off the east coast of England aboard a wind turbine service support vessel, Sky-Futures flew one of their rotary UAS from the stern of the ship. This was a test exercise in conjunction with one of the major wind turbine service support companies. Operating from a 21 metre ship in the rolling seas was quite a task but we are pleased to report that no UAS or UAS operators were harmed in the trial!

Sky-Futures prides itself on an impeccable safety record built on a foundation of safety first. We undertake extensive flight trials and operational planning before we carry out any work we deem to be challenging or potentially hazardous. James Harrison, Sky-Futures Commercial Director said, “Our client was very keen to press ahead with some work offshore using vessel launches, but we needed to be sure that we could do it in a safe and professional manner. In light of this, the operations team was mobilised and their task was to develop the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) before going offshore”.

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Source: sUAS News

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