Sochi drones compete for best sports pictures, buzz around tourists and sportsmen

One drone hovering around the Sochi Olympic slopes is not in search of terrorists or protestors, it is being used to transfer live streaming video of snowboard and ski jump events to a TV screen for viewers to watch and enjoy. Utilizing a drone for a sporting event seems is wise decision, as it can range anywhere in mountains.

The device zipping around the sky is unlike a military drone which often resembles a remote-controlled airplane— instead it looks more like a giant spider in the air. Drones are becoming an increasing popular add on at sporting events, to capture the minute-to-minute moments. So far, the Olympic Games are the most profound showcase yet for a drone to be participating.

During the Olympic events, a drone is a wise choice to use for a variety of reasons. “We can go really, really close. And we are really quiet, so nobody is distracted,” said Remo Masina to an Associated Press reporter. He is a pilot and cameraman who has used drones to film skiers in Switzerland for commercial purposes. … (Read more)

Sochi, Russia


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