Swedish police want investigation drones

With Swedish police keen to add drones to their vehicle fleet, and commercial interest on the up, Sweden faces several questions about issuing permits for and restricting the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Swedish police have said they would like to use drones to collect evidence at the sites of accidents, but with several high-profile cases of potential abuse, the authorities feel uneasy about the accessibility of equipment that collects overhead footage. Drones have now become affordable and are easy to buy. A quick search on internet auctioneers site eBay spits out several models priced around $150.

“It’s a growing problem when just anyone can operate one of these things,” Swedish privacy activist and writer Oscar Swartz told the TT news agency. “Our imagination is the only thing that places restrictions on how they are used, for example to spy on other people.” … (Read more)

Source: TheLocal.se

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