Technology meets creativity: The use of UAV’s in the TV- and Film-industry

Jelte Maarten Boll, close aerial imaging specialist / director, will speak at the UAS Event
Due to technological developments the UAV’s has found their way into the audio-visual industry, as a means to provide directors with cutting-edge perspectives to make shots that were previously impossible to make. UAV’s have opened the way to close aerial filming and are rapidly getting ground in the AV-industry.

Jelte Maarten Boll has been a well-know television director for over 35 years. Having made documentaries and television series for both national and international tv-stations, he has also been involved in corporate communications for multinationals like Philips Electronics, Unilever and Shell. For the last two years Jelte Maarten Boll uses a mutirotor platform to make aerial shots that couldn’t been made with in the ‘traditional’ way: using live-seize helicopters.

J.M.Boll Produkies is a develops and produces audio-visual productions for both the tv industry as well as for the commercial market. In addition to that, the company is specialized in close aerial filming with multi-rotor platforms for the av-industry.

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