US Air Force Launches WGS 4 Satellite to Improve Communications with Unmanned Aircraft

WGS stands for Wideband Global SATCOM. The satellites are replacing aging Defense Satellite Communications System spacecraft and have 10 times the speed and capacity of the older satellites
WGS satellites are built on the proven Boeing 702HP platform, which features xenon-ion propulsion, deployable thermal radiators, and triple-junction gallium-arsenide solar arrays that enable high-capacity, flexible payloads.

The WGS communications payload has unique flexibility that is important to the military, as well as the ability to interconnect terminals that operate in different frequency bands and to reposition coverage beams based on evolving mission needs. WGS supports missions including tactical communications to and between ground forces, and relaying data and imagery from airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms.

Will WGS become the service for the global UAS industry in the future, as GPS is for the global navigation industry?

What is your opinion?

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