Will TV news helicopters be replaced by drones?

By Vincent Duffy, RTDNA Chairman (Radio Television Digital News Association)
We often joke in our newsroom about getting a station helicopter, but that’s as unlikely on our public radio budget as a chartered jet to fly to the next EIJ Convention.

But what if you could get aerial pictures and video for your website news stories or your television broadcasts at the fraction of the cost of a helicopter and professional pilot?

That technology exists right now with drones. You might be familiar with drones from spy movies and military TV shows where the CIA sends an unmanned aircraft into dangerous or unfriendly airspace to shoot missiles at targets with deniable culpability. Those flying death machines cost many millions of dollars.

But you can go online today and buy what amounts to a toy drone and spend between $300 to $1000. You won’t be able to drop missiles on the broadcast towers of your competition, but you will be able to get amazing pictures and video you can use to supplement your news stories.

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Source: rtdna.org

An example video made by Bill McGraw of Deadline Detroit.

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