World’s Most Advanced Aerial Surveillance Drone: Parrot AR Drone Controlled by Oculus Rift

French Company, Parrot popular maker of flying drones, demonstrated its latest Bepop drone, a ‘flying camera’, which is an upgrade from its popular AR Drones.

This latest drone which was showed off at Old Mint, in downtown San Francisco for a special press event in Thursday, is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Parrot is also introducing an accompanying Wi-Fi skycontroller (remote control) which can extend Bepop Drone’s range to up to 1.2 miles. From the demonstration, it is pretty much clear that the latest Bepop Drone can be used as a personal aerial surveillance system.

The Bepop drone is infused with a 14 MP camera, a built-in GPS, four ceramic antennas and boosters (802.11ac connectivity), a selection of image-stabilizing sensors and Oculus Rift compatibility. The fisheye lens, allows 180-degree field of vision, with the software capturing video. 3-axis digital image stabilization provides a deviation free view when the drone is in motion. The captured video (stored on-board in an 8GN hard drive) can be viewed in a smartphone or a tablet (Android and iOS – FreeFlight3.0 app ) both of which can be used to control the drone. The videos can also be uploaded on the company’s cloud service locker, Sky Academy. Its 120mAh Lithium-ion battery can provide 12 minutes of airtime per 2.5 hour charge. … (Read more)