FANTASSY “Future aircraft design following the carrier-pod concept" (VIDEO)

The FANTASSY project aims to explore ideas that may facilitate technological improvements in the second half of the century,

It is meant to be implemented in the present time. It is certain that the technological status in the aeronautical industry will be quite different from now, nevertheless several ideas and concepts that today are in very early stages of development, might become standard practices 30 or 40 years from now. Having this in mind one may consider a number of innovations that today appear to be in low Technological Readiness Levels to be available then.

On the other hand, the basic concepts that comprise the core of the project are technologically possible even with current or near future capabilities. The question to be answered is whether these concepts are practical and economically viable. To this end FANTASSY will attempt to evaluate the feasibility of the “carrier aircraft-passenger pod” concept following a well-defined process.

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