Amazon threatens to move its drone research overseas

Amazon is warning federal officials that it will “have no choice” but to move more of its drone research overseas if the company doesn’t get approval to test its fleet of unmanned delivery vehicles in the United States — and soon.

Amazon argued in a letter made public Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration continued delay on developing drone regulations risks undermining its plans for Amazon Prime Air, not to mention the broader market for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

“I fear the FAA may be questioning the fundamental benefits of keeping UAS technology innovation in the United States,” Amazon policy executive Paul Misener wrote to the FAA. “Amazon is increasingly concerned that, unless substantial progress is quickly made in opening up the skies in the United States, the nation is at risk of losing its position as the center of innovation for the UAS technological revolution, along with the key jobs and economic benefits that come as a result.” … (Read more)


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