Amazon's nightmare: Software hijacks drones mid-air (VIDEO)

One hacker knows a good way to ruin Amazon’s suggested drone-based delivery system – take control of the drones while they’re still flying.

Although Amazon’s proposed drone-based product delivery service is still apparently years away, one hacker has already developed a sort of next-generation pirate ship that could hijack and redirect Amazon’s delivery bots mid-air.

On his website, Sammy Kamkar explained SkyJack, a witty name for a software he developed that allows a remote operator to take control over a drone while it’s still flying.

The software, which Kamkar calls “Zombie drone” throughout a YouTube video explaining it, runs on a Parrot AR.Drone 2 and scans for other drones’ wireless signals while flying. When it detects nearby drones, the software disconnects the target drone from its wireless connection to its operator, then takes the operator’s place. The target drone is then subjected to the same control as the one that detected it, and can be controlled by the operator.

Those who would like to engage in all the fun but don’t want to buy a drone themselves are in luck – the software doesn’t need a drone to work. That means anyone with a Linux computer or Raspberry Pi can take over drones within the reach of the software.

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