Drone deliveries are pie in the sky, robot competition for flying is not

Amazon, the online retailer, made headlines last year with its trial of flying drone deliveries, but its efforts look puny compared to an earthbound robot that can carry the equivalent of three full shopping bags, or up to 13 kilogrammes.

Stuart Rivett, managing director of Dutch parcel distribution business B2C Europe, says practical limits on the weight of any drone package are a handicap to introducing flying deliveries and dismisses Amazon’s experiments as “a complete PR stunt”.

While drone deliveries are still pie in the sky, about 20,000 people have already seen delivery robots undergoing tests on streets in Estonia, Germany and Greenwich in London.

Sensors on a robot’s casing detect pedestrians and obstacles and instruct it to slow down, stop or change course while operators can talk remotely to people who come across it via a speaker.Read more

Source: ft.com

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