Finnish Postal Operator Posti Tests Parcel Deliveries Using a Robotic Drone Helicopter

Posti, the Finnish postal service, started experimenting with drone delivery today. For four days, Posti will use drones to deliver packages bought online to customers in Helsinki, between the mainland and an island just off shore.

Post says this is the first time in Finland that a drone will be tested for delivery of goods. It’s also the first time in Europe that a delivery drone is being tested in a “populated urban environment.”

“After the test, the drone will operate between 2 and 5 September and transport parcels, which are suited for the experiment, to recipients in Suomenlinna,” added Posti. “Only parcel deliveries will be tested while other postal items such as letters, newspapers and magazines will be delivered using the normal sea route.”

The Posti drone “has been especially developed for Finnish conditions,” according to Posti.Read more


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