Facebook Floats Idea of Buying Drone Maker (VIDEO)

Facebook needs to look outside of its usual stomping grounds if it wants to grow, and that means finding its way into developing regions that may have little or no access to the Internet. 

One way to change that could be to supply connectivity by means of high-flying drones, a concept similar to Google’s idea of spreading Internet access via balloons.

Facebook reportedly is in talks to buy drone maker Titan Aerospace to bolster Internet.org, the project that aims to provide Internet connectivity everywhere in the world. Facebook, which is one of the main backers of Internet.org, intends to buy Titan for US$60 million, according to TechCrunch.

Titan builds near-orbital solar-powered drones that can fly for five years before needing to land. The company will be focused solely on production for the Internet.org project if the deal goes through, according to the report. … (Read more)

Source: TechNewsWorld.com