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Exhibitors at the 2020 edition:

Gold Partner

sabrewing programTransporting large payloads of cargo are the most profitable segment of the air cargo market, and it’s for this reason that Sabrewing created the Rhaegal eVTOL unmanned cargo air vehicle.
Founded in 2016, Sabrewing Aircraft Company is the building the world’s first heavy-lift, mid-altitude, high speed cargo VTOL that can do more than deliver burritos and Band-Aids. Sabrewing’s aircraft can deliver large volumes of food, water, power and even communications to disaster areas faster, higher and further than any helicopter, and can land where no fixed-winged aircraft can go. Built to operate in the most remote parts of the world, Sabrewing is bringing the future of air cargo off the drawing boards and into the market today. Visit the website.

Bronze Partner

US Cargo Systems is a worldwide leader in the design and development of Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Systems. We are proud of our over 50 year heritage serving countless commercial and military aircraft customers with leading edge technologies. Our sales and engineering teams have worked directly with nearly all Aircraft OEM’s as a Tier 1 supplier, as well as with major freight integrators. We have provided systems for over 40 different aircraft types. In addition to world class conveyance, guide and restraint solutions, US Cargo Systems has developed Aerial Delivery and Cargo Logistic Systems for several military transport freighter aircraft and rotorcraft. Whether the need is for smart, lightweight and robust cargo handling, or flight critical complex systems, we have field proven solutions. Visit the website.

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