Sabrewing Aircraft is Gold Partner of UCA Conference

Sabrewing Aircraft Company (SACO) is a manufacturer of unmanned heavy-lift commercial cargo air vehicles headquartered in Camarillo, California, USA. Our technologies and products will help grow our customers businesses and transform the way the world ships air-cargo.

Sabrewing creates innovative technologies at its Dragonworks Lab in Silicon Valley to develop a new era of advanced unmanned cargo aircraft.

The ONLINE Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference aims to bring together manufacturers, operators, knowledge institutes, consultants, shippers and governmental organizations active in the upcoming field of unmanned cargo aircraft.

Transporting large payloads of cargo are the most profitable segment of the air cargo market, and it’s for this reason that Sabrewing created the Rhaegal eVTOL unmanned cargo air vehicle.
Founded in 2016, Sabrewing Aircraft Company is the building the world’s first heavy-lift, mid-altitude, high speed cargo VTOL that can do more than deliver burritos and Band-Aids. Sabrewing’s aircraft can deliver large volumes of food, water, power and even communications to disaster areas faster, higher and further than any helicopter, and can land where no fixed-winged aircraft can go. Built to operate in the most remote parts of the world, Sabrewing is bringing the future of air cargo off the drawing boards and into the market today. Visit the website.

Focus topics of the conference are:

  • UCA business models: how to earn money with UCA?
  • UCA configurations:
    • Large / medium size
    • Last mile delivery
    • Urban space delivery
    • Medical supply drones
  • Regulatory / Legal issues
  • What can UCA contribute to economic and social development?
  • Market analysis
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM) / UAS Traffic Management (UTM)
  • Integration of systems / technologies required for UCA to operate

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