Dronestagram’s First Drone Photo Contest Shows the Awesome Potential of the Genre

Drone photography is still new enough that we haven’t really seen the true potential of this new media unlocked — yet.

While the FAA and others bicker about privacy and regulation, some photographers are out there exploring the boundaries of this new technology… and all of them seem to have shown up for the first Drone Photography Competition put together by Dronestagram with help from Nat Geo France, GoPro and a few others.

The overall winner (which you can see above) was taken by user Capungaero in Bali with his GoPro Hero 2, and you can instantly tell why it won. It’s the kind of photograph that you couldn’t imagine being taken any other way — a wildlife photograph that feels totally unprecedented in its intimacy.

The rest of the winners — which were broken down into a top three juried competition and a top three popularity contest — don’t quite have this same feel, although that takes nothing away from their composition and beauty. … (Read more)

Source: Petapixel.com