OpenRelief Project Launched, Announces Low-Cost Disaster-Relief Robot Aircraft

Launch of a new crowd-sourced robot aircraft project, OpenRelief, announced at LinuxCon Japan 2012. Project to initially develop a sub-$1000 autonomous small aircraft to collect and deliver information for disaster relief efforts. First prototype robot aircraft and radiation detector to be shown as part of the presentation.

OpenRelief, a new project to provide open, crowd-sourced information solutions for disaster relief will be announced at LinuxCon Japan 2012. The project combines open source software, open hardware and crowd-sourced design to aid in gathering critical information in disaster zones. The first prototype OpenRelief robotic reconnaissance aircraft will be shown as part of the LinuxCon presentation, with an operational demonstration planned for later in the year.


OpenRelief’s low-cost intelligent robotic aircraft can fly itself to a disaster area. Its high resolution camera and other sensors will capture images and other sorts of data to relay back to relief workers. On-board image-recognition software will give the drone the ability to recognize situations and objects on the ground such as people, smoke, fire, and roads. It can be customized with other sensor packages, including monitors for radiation levels and weather conditions.


“OpenRelief is an example of how Linux and open innovation enable new solutions to important problems,” said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation. “Linux is providing a platform for OpenRelief to design technology that would have been science fiction a decade ago.”


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