UAS Event session: UAS in agriculture, wildlife and pipeline monitoring

The following speakers will give their view on developemts on for services using UAS on 11 april 2013::

  • Fieldcopter, GPS-EGNOS based precision Agriculture using UAV, Tamme van der Wal, Partner, AeroVision
  • How efficient live image transfer from UAV can make or break a business case, Harald Skinnemoen, Founder and CEO, AnsuR Technologies AS
  • Into the Wild, Nir Tenenbaum, Conservation and security (Director of Wildeas),

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Members of the following organizations will get a discount when thye register.

  • Assorpas
  • AVBS
  • EDTA
  • NIDV
  • NVvL
  • Pieken in de Delta
  • UAS Denmark
  • UAS Norway
  • UAVS
  • UVS-France

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