Paparazzi Chief Says He's Not Actually Interested In Using Drones

Despite a ban on commercial use of drones until at least 2015, many industries are already starting to use the tiny, flying, sometimes-autonomous robots, reports Reuters.

”Tens of thousands of domestic drones are zipping through U.S. skies” reports Chris Francescani. Real estate agents use them to take photos for glossy brochures. Hollywood uses them to bring you great action shots. Farmers are using them to monitor fields. Random hobbyists are using them to scare Italian airplane pilots. But the scariest drone use to most people who talk about drones is their falling into the hands of the paparazzi:

Well, the erstwhile Daily — News Corp’s short-lived iPad publication — did use a drone (illegally) a couple of times, but just to get boring, actual-news-worthy shots of flood zones. What people are more worried about is a paparazzo flying a drone up to Justin Bieber’s window to get a Kate-Middleton-shot of him or arming a drone with facial recognition and sending it out into L.A. to find Brad Pitt, hunting dog style. So I called up Francois Navarre, a French journalist who founded X17 — a paparazzi agency that once specialized in Britney Spears shots — who is now famously as rich as the celebs whose pics he sells. To my surprise, Navarre said he’s not very interested in drone paparazzism.

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