Robirds, UAV with flapping wing mechanism

GreenX has initially developed the Robirds (VIDEO).
The innovative nature of the Robirds has granted this invention the 2011 UVS International Innovation Award as most innovative technology in the field of remotely piloted aircraft systems. The Robirds have four distinct innovative features:

  • Unique flapping wing mechanism
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • New highly durable, sustainable and animal friendly  means of bird control
  • Multi-disciplinary research possibilities

The latest Robird prototypes have been designed as sound, low maintenance products, with a modular construction. They are prototypes however, everything is handmade. Therefore, Clear Flight Solutions will invest in a technical and a commercial feasibility study, which are vital to make the step from prototypes to manufacturable models, and bring the products to the market. So that Robirds can be used for professional applications.

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