Voliris V902RC, validation of a unique design (VIDEO)

The Voliris V902RC is a hybrid lift aircraft created by VOLIRIS. The first flight was completed in 2014 and its operation is still ongoing.

Flight test
After our flights test of 2013, with the V901 and the V901RC prototypes, we decided to design a new aircraft to improve our aerodynamic lift. The V902RC is the result of this research. This radio control aircraft of 80m³ provides better aerodynamic performance.

Research & Development
Acquired in early 2008 by the business angel New York Finance Innovation (NYFI), the company had a fresh start. The aim: to play a major role in the revival of airships, and to renew its concept by incorporating modern technology and material.

Voliris is dedicated to the completion of an ambitious research program, framed and funded. To carry out this project VOLIRIS built an airship shed at the airfield in Moulins, France, thus providing a home to welcome the prototypes developed by its R & D team.

Relying on a team of young engineers, enthusiastic about aviation and sustainable development, the research department develops unique digital tools dedicated to the design of airships. The assembly of these airships are done in its shed and then flight tests are performed to validate the digital calculations.

Flying Container Project
International freight transport is based on the 40-foot 32T containers. But there are areas where logistical infrastructure does not exist or do not offer satisfactory quality and safety. To address this market VOLIRIS is developing an aircraft capable of performing automatic back and forth carrying a container, the Automatic container transport by air shuttle – NATAC.

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