Advanced Manufacturing at GE

Progress and Future Strategy

Back in November of last year, GE Aviation (a GE subsidiary and a global producer of jet engines) announced its acquisition of Morris Technologies and sister company RQM, citing critical investment in emerging manufacturing technologies for a positive future. The crux of this acquisition was to bring industrial grade additive manufacturing into GE.

Last week, at the GE Summit on the Future of Manufacturing the company revealed progress it is making in this area and GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt provided further insight into just how critical additive manufacturing is within the organisation’s strategy for the future.

Progress centres around R&D into ceramic materials, which are harder and lighter than steel, resist corrosion better and can handle more heat. Despite these advantages ceramics are not a material group you will find anywhere near an engine, for obvious reasons, the most obvious, according to GE is ‘hit it with a hammer and it shatters.’ But, apparently — that’s about to change.

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