Travel by Drone: The Latest in Armchair Travel

Every so often the world of armchair travel shakes up with a new revelation. Now, we have something else that’s taking remote wanderlusting to a whole new level: drones. While much of the media associates drones with militaristic projects, these machines can also capture beautiful panoramas from stuning vantage points most of us don’t have the privilege of enjoying — we rarely see a bird’s-eye view of the world.

So how exactly do you “travel by drone”?
You’ll find plenty of videos shot by drones on sites like YouTube, but a new site is making this type of armchair travel experience easier and even more satisfying. Travel By Drone, launched by Jan Hierzement this spring, has become a platform for sharing and discovering drone videos of landscapes all over the world. Created specifically with armchair travelers in mind, the site takes user submissions that other visitors can then find via a huge map, with pins indicating where films have been shot. Scroll through the map and virtually travel anywhere from the Swiss Alps to Thai beaches to Detroit’s modern day ruins. Alternatively, you can browse the Editor’s Picks for curated selections, or see the newest additions to the site. … (Read more)