Aeryon Labs Introduces Industry’s First 3-Axis Stabilized High Resolution Camera for Micro-UAVs

The Camera produces high-quality still images and live video for aerial GIS, inspections, intelligence gathering, and other precision imaging applications.

Combined with the Aeryon Scout’s automated control system, active 3-axis payload stabilization ensures that the Photo3S™ remains on-target to capture precise imagery in the most demanding conditions.

The stable imagery and precise tracking of the Photo3S™ high resolution camera is achieved through independent adjustment of both the Scout’s position and camera orientation through 3-axis of rotation (yaw, pitch, and roll). The Aeryon Scout’s automated control system makes these adjustments dynamically, hundreds of times per second, enabling the operator to consistently capture the desired imagery.

Like the Aeryon Scout, the Photo3S™ is weather-sealed and ruggedized to operate reliably in any weather or environment with high-performance capabilities that are incredibly easy-to-use. Advanced imaging features include precise Click-to-Aim™ camera control, as well as the ability to easily adjust camera settings on-the-fly, automatically geo-reference images and video, and encrypt transmissions.

Using the Photo3S™ with the Scout’s AutoGrid™ flight planning software allows fast collection of imagery over large geographic areas and automatically geotags images to facilitate seamless processing by industry standard tools into stitched image mosaics, map overlays, and 3D models.

Aeryon’s full line of integrated all-digital, weather-sealed, mechanically stabilized imaging payloads are hot-swappable to allow fast switching for specialized applications. Aeryon also develops custom payloads for a wide range of commercial and military uses including communications, gas and chemical sensing, sound and signal detection, and more.

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